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Hue, Tint and Shade cover

Other People's Weddings by Josh Lanyon

Series: Petit Morts #4
Length: Novelette - 12,445 words - 48 page PDF
Cover artist: Jordan Castillo Price - see larger cover
ISBN: 978-1-935540-06-9

JCP Books' edition of this title is out of print.
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Planning wealthy socialite Mallory Dalrymple’s wedding is the coup of the year—maybe of Griffin Skerry’s entire career. If only Mallory wasn’t marrying Griffin’s ex. And if only Joe wasn’t messing with Griffin’s mind by sending all these mixed signals.

Of course, it could always be worse—and before long, it is.

Much worse.



“I’d rather be dead than wear this!”

Griff dropped the latest issue of Elegant Bride as Madeline Dalrymple burst from the dressing room cubicle, shot across the showroom floor, and slammed out the front glass door of Venetian Bridal Gowns. Her exit bore an unfortunate resemblance to a big purple balloon flying wild after being jabbed by a pin.

Mallory, Madeline’s sister, appeared at the mouth of the hall to the dressing rooms, looking exasperated.

Sometimes Griff suspected that brides deliberately picked the worst possible dresses for their bridesmaids and maids of honor. Or maybe it wasn’t deliberate. Maybe it was subconscious, a paying back of old scores, a testing of true devotion. The Watters & Watters strapless sheath of lilac layered over hot pink chiffon would have flattered Mallory’s tall, slim, brunette beauty, but it just made short, plump Madeline look like a Purple People-Eater after a good meal.

“Well?” Mallory said to Griff.

“Well?” Griff returned blankly, with an uneasy look at Sasha, co-owner of Venetian Bridal Gowns. Sasha raised her shoulders infinitesimally.  After twenty years of dealing with brides and bridesmaids, she didn’t bother trying to understand, she rode the whirlwind the best she could⎯and cashed in at the end of the ride.

Go after her,” Mallory ordered. “Are you my wedding planner or not?”

Mallory’s idea of Griff’s job description was a cross between a personal assistant and confidante. By the second week of accepting the job of coordinating Mallory and Joe Palmer’s nuptials, Griff knew he’d made a deal with the devil. Possibly literally. But the Dalrymples were Binbell’s wealthiest family, and Dalrymple-Palmer wedding was going to be the social event of the season⎯plus he needed the money. In these days of economic hardship, prospective brides might not be willing to cut costs on dresses or cakes or hair stylists, but hapless wedding planners all too often fell under the heading Optional.

This, however, was different. Griff was experienced enough to know Lord help the mister who comes between a bride and her sister. “I don’t think it’s my place⎯”

“Of course it’s your place,” Mallory snapped. “Whose place would it be? You need to get her in line before she wrecks my wedding.”


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Petit Morts



Reviews by Jessewave - "I enjoyed this story because I thought the characters were a wonderful and varied collection of people, from Mallory the bridezilla and her ugly family, to Griff a nice man who was just trying to make a living in a tough profession."

Well Read - "The story had a strong element of farcical humour running through it which I enjoyed and I also liked the slightly effeminate but mentally strong Griffin who wryly acknowledges that his job make him a bit of a walking cliché too."

Obsidian Bookshelf - "I found Other People's Weddings an absorbing read, and the further I read, the better the story got."

Two Lips - "Other People’s Weddings is a fun glimpse into a crazy industry, fraught with drama and danger – most of it coming from the bridzillas-to-be. The dash of mystery, a Lanyon staple, is equally engaging, with a plot twist that is truly… twisted."

Joyfully Reviewed - "Other People’s Weddings is a lighthearted story with a few twists and turns."



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